The design of the accommodation is to a "contemporary" Clerkenwell/Soho-type finish, and involves fashionable design including exposed brickwork, exposed cast iron columns, roof terraces, wooden floors, circular staircase etc which appeal to the Clerkenwell occupiers, all in an energy efficient building.
Allergy UK and healthy buildings International Ltd have given their support to the project, thus making Redab, and this building, the first company and building in the UK to achieve The British Allergy Foundation's Seal of Approval (Allergy UK).

Structure and Building Envelope
The development at 77-79 Farringdon Road consists of a steel and concrete frame constructed building with timber floors generally throughout. The external walls are generally of brick and stone work. The main office area will consist of 300-350mm raised access. There are load bearing columns supporting each floor. The upper floors have a timber mansard frame with zinc cladding. The flat roof is to be strengthened to accommodate the roof plant, which is to be concealed behind acoustic screens.

Entrance hall
A new entrance hall will be constructed on the Farringdon Road frontage. It will be close to double height and be fully DDA compliant. Benefiting from hard stone finishes giving the building a strong identity. The entrance hall will be of significant size and benefit from two passenger lifts (one fire-fighter), serving all floors and the roof level. Glass, slate and oak will be the main materials used with white painted walls and ceilings.

Two new Otis motor room less electric passenger lifts serve all floors throughout the building. The finishes match the reception area and also have mirrored walls. The lift car speed is 1m/s giving an estimated trip time of approximately 35 seconds basement to roof. The doors are 800mm wide and each lift is designed to carry eight passengers.

WC's, shower, and bike parking
A total of 23 new unisex toilets and disabled WC's are provided throughout the building. The walls and floors will be fully tiled and benefits from mirrors and sanitary fixtures. A shower and bicycle parking will be located at lower ground level.

Air conditioning
An under floor air conditioning system designed by Protek Flexible Office will be installed throughout the building to give flexibility as well as "healthy air" to the occupiers. Chilled ice storage cooling will produce ice during the night for utilisation during the day tariff. Up to 250kW-hours of cooling will be stored in the banks. The ice melts during the day producing cold water that will be used for cooling. From Autumn to Spring "free" cooling will be used by running only the dry coolers.

Protek's use of energy saving complaints in its ZA units means that the building's cooling/heating costs will be extremely low. The outdoor air intake will be regulated by C02 sensors and these units also include energy recovery technology.

Each of the office floors will benefit from full access raised floors with a wooden finish. The walls will be partly painted plaster and partly exposed bricks around the windows to the street facades. Acoustic absorbents are positioned in part of the ceiling to reduce noise levels. The ceiling design will not be a traditional suspended ceiling but will be of a style sympathetic with the "fashionable" yet functional space being created.

'Contemporary" suspended light fittings will be installed.

Specification continued.

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