Over the past thirty years, the Information Technology (IT) industry has seen a geometric decrease in the floor space required to achieve a constant quantity of computing and storage capability. While the floor space required to accomplish such a fixed level of computing work has shrunk (technology compaction), the energy efficiency of equipment has not dropped at the same rate. As a result, the density of power consumed and the heat dissipated within the footprint of communication and computer hardware products has increased significantly.

A common misconception among IT users is that technology compaction is making power consumption and cooling issues almost irrelevant, because new generations of products will continue to require less and less space. This view, however, assumes a constant level of processing activity. On a macro or industry level, that is not what is happening. The total amount of processing and storage capability being sold is rising rapidly, mostly because falling prices make new software applications feasible in situations where previously they were not economically viable.

At an industry-wide level, this translates into a growing total power consumption by IT products.

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